Hygiene and Life Expectancy

Life expectancy for humans has improved significantly since the onset of the 20th century. To explain this phenomenon, many turn to the use of modern medicine, including vaccination, as the main factor. Tuberculosis for example, was significantly reduced with widespread vaccination in the mid-20th century. However the most substantial decline in deaths relating to this disease had already occurred by 1880, seven decades before widespread immunization. While it is difficult to find irrefutable proof for the decline in fatalities relating to tuberculosis by the late 19th century, modern scientific and medical theories attribute hygiene as one of the major factors.

When we think of cleanliness, our minds gravitate towards personal hygiene but it is the modern sanitation carried out by dedicated janitorial professionals that should also be included in the picture. Top Notch Building Maintenance is a company that is comprised of such professionals and their outstanding commitment to ensuring the timely and efficient delivery of janitorial services to the highest of standards. Top Notch Building Maintenance offers a top to bottom, inside and out, approach to building maintenance that includes: carpet care, window cleaning, custodial care, painting and refinishing, plumbing and exterior grounds maintenance (view full scope of Janitorial Services). There are psychological benefits which increase workplace productivity and the corporate image of companies of different industries. Employees thrive in visibly clean and tidy environments and the increase in morale is contagious and can cascade from one employee to the next. The effect of a properly maintained and sanitized environment resonates positively with clients and guests at your facility. Travelers from all over the world rate cleanliness as major deciding factor when returning to a business in the hospitality industry. In an environment such as manufacturing, cleanliness plays a greater role than improving corporate image, but also the safety of employees.

It is integral that commercial enterprises, office buildings, industrial facilities, and smaller companies looking for weekly maintenance, employ a company with Top Notch Building Maintenance’s proven professionalism and quality of standards. It’s the 25 years of operation in the janitorial care industry that has led to our industry-leading practices. With competitive rates and highly trained staff that are fully certified by internationally recognized institutes specializing in janitorial care, prospective clients in Canada and the United States are encouraged to call and learn more about becoming “Top Notch” and extending the life expectancy and success of their business.