Helping The Environment With Green Cleaning

We all have to do our part to preserve the environment. Top Notch Building Maintenance Ltd. is proud to offer environmentally friendly cleaning products to our valued customers.


Cleaning Products: We use Nature’s Own cleaning products which are certified for the Environmental Choice Program. We have attached a brochure of the Nature’s own product line that we use. We supply these products at no extra cost.

Paper Products: Should you decide to purchase paper products through us, we offer products that meet the Environmental Choice Program Certification.

*NEW : We have sourced out a new type of Paper towel and Toilet paper made from sugar cane. The products are extremely soft and absorbent but best of all no trees are cut to produce the products. The products are the same price as regular paper products too. The paper is fully compostable and biodegradable.

Lighting: We will clean the building while making sure lights are turned off in each room after cleaning to ensure less than 25% of the building is illuminated at any given time.

Administration: Top Notch Building Maintenance Ltd. has moved to a paperless invoicing system of emailing invoices where approved by our customers. We also have all our vendors send us paperless bills via email. Top Notch has tried to reduce its consumption of paper and also recycle the paper that we do use.

Equipment: Top Notch uses newer and more energy efficient equipment, we have also kept up to date on new technologies that allow us to replace stripping chemicals in most cases and reduce the amount of chemicals needed to complete various tasks.

Chemicals: All our staff are trained on how to properly measure chemicals required to do each job. We also supply measuring devices and instructions on how to properly distribute the correct amount of chemical needed for each task.

Containers: We do not use aerosol containers.

Take care of the earth and she will take care of you