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Why Choose Top Notch Building Maintenance

Top Notch Building Maintenance is a professional facility services company, which does not sell, sublet or subcontract any service. From administrative functions to the most minor maintenance detail, only fully insured, bonded and properly certified staff are involved. We have a minimum staffing guarantee; if a service can be executed to the satisfaction of our client with fewer personnel, the savings will be passed on to our clients.

What Are Your Core Values

At Top Notch Building Maintenance our primary focus is total customer satisfaction, where the focus is to provide industry leading service in quality and value. Regardless of size of customer or scope of work, whether a standalone project or an integrated service, our dedication to total customer satisfaction, along with our commitment to our Core Values, remains at the heart of our service. We strive for understanding, flexibility and adaptability to deliver results and improved performance on a daily basis, because every client counts.

How Long Have You Been In Business?

Top Notch Building Maintenance Ltd. is a family owned company that was proudly started from 2004 in Richmond, BC.
Currently we manage the janitorial services for over 70 buildings throughout the lower mainland.

What Is The Management Like?

Our management team is composed of progressive people who have total understanding of a clients point of view, preferences and expectations. Top Notch Building Maintenance’s management team consists of professional individuals with direct experience in a wide range of facility services. Their combined expertise spans more than 20 years, assuring clients there are few issues in the broad scope of facility services that they have not faced and already solved.

What Are The Keys To Your Success?

The key to Top Notch Building Maintenance’s success is a focus on customer satisfaction through our commitment to the highest standards. This commitment, together with the experience attained over the years, has allowed us to effectively offer our services to a wide range of client projects and properties including, commercial , industrial, medical and government applications.

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We have a current fleet of cleaning equipment such as auto-scrubbers, carpet cleaners, polishers, floor grinders, commercial heaters, commercial floor fans, burnishers, etc. worth over $250,000. All our staff are fully trained and certified as building service workers. Our staff take great care in maintaining our customer’s facilities.We ensure this by having our supervisors perform regular quality inspections.

Our skills:

Building Maintenance 100%
Janitorial Services 100%
Carpet Cleaning 100%
Office Cleaning 100%