Your floors are a long-term investment. Here are five simple steps you can take to keep hard surface floors looking their best:

  1. Attack the dirt. One of City Wide’s biggest secrets to success is our continuous attack on dirt. We review many preventative measures to keep the levels of dirt low, which makes a large impact on keeping your hard flooring looking its best without increasing costs. Less dirt also decreases the chance for picking up illness in your building.
  2. Implement a matting program. Over 80% of dirt in your building is walked in via foot traffic! City Wide recommends placing at least 10 feet of matting at every entry point to collect walked-in dirt.
  3. Vacuum daily. While more focused on the carpeting and mats, be sure all soft flooring is vacuumed every day as part of your regular janitorial service. This ensures that the dirt trapped in your mats and carpets does not move on to your hard floors, where dirt is more readily visible.
  4. Scrub and wax periodically. High traffic areas like break rooms and entryways should be scrubbed and waxed on a regular basis. Periodic care will remove dirt build-up and keep your floors looking beautiful, longer. Additionally, regular
    buffing will extend the life and durability of the scrub and wax.
  5. Strip and wax when needed. Even with the most attentive periodic care, hard surface floors need to be stripped and waxed regularly to extend their life and keep them looking their best.

How can combining a regular floor care maintenance program with your janitorial services save you time and money? Top Notch Building Maintenance will ensure that we are performing the right maintenance, the right way, with an emphasis on keeping dirt out of your building and off your hard flooring.